Monday, January 12, 2015

The Welsh! You should go for it. Based on my ~2 minute reading of their faction rules, they're a lightly armored skirmishing force that likes to hit and run with javelins. They can also ride ponies!

I got interested in Saga from one of my forums as well. Sounded interesting so I picked up the rules and a couple boxes of plastic Viking-era dudes. Reasonably cheap minis (as far as these things go). Aeryk and I are trying to fit in another game day before ManCon, hopefully we'll have something to report.

FYI, there is a pretty baller sale on RPGs at drivethrurpg (pdfs) ending today. The star of the show is probably The One Ring bundle, which has the corebook plus two other books for $15. That's a good deal for the core alone and it's a rad game! Of course, the pdfs might also be available at the library... I'm also tempted by the Firefly bundle. Linky 1 (bundles), Linky 2 (moar bundles), Linky 3 (individual books).