Saturday, August 18, 2012

Happy birthday Elrick!

Friday, August 17, 2012


Ahh, it was only 34 years ago we met, you, the tallest kid in the school. Plenty of OP shorts, giant hair and star wars shennanigans at Child Space.

Happy B-day mang, may you complete two hundred more laps around the sun after they clone your body parts in a lab and upgrade your system with cyborg parts.


Dude they're posting pics and updates on google+! Get with it brotha!

| All quiet on the Western Genfront

Man, it's so eerie...  

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

| Minefold idiosyncrasies

When you create a Minefold server, you essentially create a world locally then upload it - I think Minefold then treats things like a mix between single and multiplayer.  I think that right in the spawn area you can't create or destroy bricks because its 'my' spawn and I created the single player world and then uploaded it.

I didn't discover this until after I sort of started building stuff and Enron popped in to mess about.  Outside of RIGHT in the spawn area, you should be good to go.
The spawn area is bugged! I logged in once, fell into a 2-deep pit, and couldn't get out because the blocks would reappear as soon as I removed them!

I only got out by waiting until nightfall and then jumping up and down into a passing spider's belly.

Aeryk was able to dig out the pit normally though? So I dunno.
Hokay! Logged into Minebortz.

Are some of the chests / crafting tables / furnaces restricted access or something? I can't use most of them or access most of the chests.

Not that big a deal, just trying to make sure I understand the roolz.

Also-also, having some issues trying to place objects (made a crafting table so I could try to get started with tools, etc), but every time I place it on the ground it disappears and goes back into my inventory. This is near the spawn...? Maybe that area is restricted or something, I dunno!

You just wait. I am going to throw the most awesome tantrum ever.

Yes, I did bring my badge, but you made me look. It's not even the cost, it's that mother loving line. Shoot me if I ever have to do that again.

You should have a full on nerd meltdown about it at the brewery, pretty sure that will get you results, both tangibly, and dignifiedbly.

Did you remember your badge??? I kept forgetting to put it in my bag. Then kept checking it was there after I did.
WHAT?! No Cryx beer drinking minis? WTF? I feel cheated. Well gents, off to Indy I go. I will try and stream all I can via Crickets+.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Aww, PP made minis for the beers they did with that brewery.

| Gen Corn

The missuz and I were looking at that version of Agricola. Sounds like it will be perfect for us. I will probably pick that up in the near future.

eLzar, we will be sure to have you live vicariously through our GenCon photos. Guarans. I am still scarred by the failure of the last True Dungeon event. I guess part of the issue is we make a piss poor knowledge base for D&D rules and lore.

The plan is to get Denis f'd up on Absinthe and lock him in the Hentai cafe for a few hours. Henticle r@pe ahoy!

Also, eLzar, congrats on the temp to perm move. I am sure that is a nice stress load to get off your shoulders. Lovecraft? Oh, no... HP Hatecraft my friend. Your rival? Tandy Compusa.

I had that version of gric on my radar and kind of forgot about it! Sounds perfect for us, thanks for the recommendation.
Hey Rude, been meaning to recommend the two-player, small box version of Agricola. It's way shorter and lower-stress than the full version but still gives the same feel. We've played a few times and it seems to take about 45 min each game, good deal'

I'll check out dungeon comptroller (can't remember real name). So it's not just another version of D&D minis?
Playdec is putting all their iOS shit on sale in honor of GenCon! I think we all got what we want, but if you have any friends who want it tell them to catch em all:

Ascension: Chronicle of the God Slayer - $0.99, all expansions $0.99
Summoner Wars - Buy Everything Bundle $4.99
Nightfall - $0.99
Food Fight iOS - $0.99

| Resistance: Avalon

They're making a sequel to The Resistance:

Looks alright! Apparently there's also a new version of the first game coming out in a bigger box with different components. I'm cool with the set I have now, but it's nice to hear that the game is very successful. This Avalon sequel changes the setting to some King Arthur shtick. One big difference from the first game is apparently there's a player who is "Merlin" and they know who all the evil players are - but they can't reveal themselves because the baddies can assassinate ol' Merly. Sounds interesting. Probably not gonna get it because I just don't have occasion enough to play with big groups.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Battle Beyond Space looks awesome. That it's 3 players + only kills it for me, but you guys easily have those numbers. Zman games is only gonna have like 60 copies there so grab it while it's hot.

I've lost some interest in Dungeon Command after finding out each player needs to buy a $40 set to play. And I'm not sure but I bet it's the same damn mini molds they've been using forever. On the plus side, cool that you can use the tiles and minis with the Ravenloft type games.

Hope Enron takes mucho pictures.

| My Votes

Check out Battles Beyond Space and the Dungeon Command series.

That is all.

| Fun Afoot

- I bought tickets for a few RPGs I want to try: IKRPG, The One Ring, Marvel Superheroes, and going to a miniature creation seminar.
- Hitting up the Ram, local brewpub that partners up with PP each year. Serves the bacon, fried-egg, onion-ring topped "Faburgé" which Blackheart had committed to eating. Keg tapping party Wednesday, if we're feeling it.
- I'm running a zero-level "funnel adventure" for DCC, and perhaps a 1st-level if time permits/any survivors
- Blackheart solicited us for Car Wars vehicle ideas and is putting together a battle royale
- Games on deck: Summoner Wars, Magic (buying 6 boosters, and building a deck from it is fun!), Quarriors, Dungeon Lords, Space Alert, LotR LCG, etc., plus whatever random purchase ends up rocking the house (a la Gears last year)
- When in doubt, watch Pump buy minis

| Hey GenCon Jerks

What's on the agenda this year?  What are you looking to pick up/preview?  Events?  True Dungeon?  I hear its vastly improved!

It seems like only yesterday, seriously, that I was begging Enron to pick me up a copy of the BB Card game and here we are again - me working at HP Lovecraft, and you sonsofbitches galavanting off to the Crown Jewel of America - Indianapolis for 4+ days of gaming indiscretions!

Please, please, please again let me live vicariously through awesome pics!  More this year! And more Denis drinking Absinthe!
Dang Rude, never thought of you as being a dad really! That's awesome. Wow, you kinda just zoomed ahead of all of us by having a kid in high school! Too bad you missed the middle school years, I understand those are the most delightful.

Congrats Aeryk!!! Every time someone you work with says "HP" you should add "...Lovecraft."
Congrats on the HP situation! Sounds like it's going well - good luck!

Have fun at Gen Con this week you bastards! I wish I was going. I totally understand the lack of time for online gaming so no worries ENOTO. I just miss connecting with you yahoos, so maybe we can do bi-monthly one off's just to keep in touch.

Still haven't got onto minefold yet! I booted up the computer the other day and forced myself to play some steam games for about 30 minutes. I don't know, but for me the thrill is gone! Maybe in time I will have more leisure time for computer stuff, but I find myself spending most if not all of my free time in the analog world. Except for the 10 hours a night I'm on the computer at work - that's probably why I stay away from it at home.

My wife and son saw The Campaign last night and said it was very funny. Conan, go rent it or watch it on cable - I'm lovin' it.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

| Musings

 - We went to a wedding this weekend right here in Aptos.  It was nice, I didn't really know many people, and everyone that I did know I knew through Leslie (her work friends/employees).  Anyway, because the place had limited parking, there was a shuttle running to/from The Britannia Arms, the bar up the street from us, so everyone could just park in Niscene Marks and get a lift.  We had to leave early because of the babysitting sitch, so we missed the action, but apparently, after the wedding shut down the party continued at the Brit.  Long story short, some dude from the wedding broke the first rule of bar fights and punched a Hell's Angel in the face (in a Hell's Angel bar, no less).  His night ended with a bottle or glass being smashed in his face and then while bleeding out from the face, was choked out.  The bouncers moved the shenanigans outside, where there were some more HAs waiting, things picked up again, and then died down.  The HA Puncher had no insurance, so basically the bambulance guys wrapped his whole head in gauze, and sent him on his way.  Maybe he will be scarred for life, maybe he lost a large piece of his face, who knows.  All I know is that if you are dumb enough to not remember the first, and most important rule of bar fights (Don't instigate one by punching a Hell's Angel in the face) you kind of had it coming.

 - Denis!

 - Opened my Space Hulk set over the weekend and want to paint them up so badly!

 - Looks like in the next few weeks I will be converted to a full HP employee, so the gamble appears to have  paid off.  The area and division I work in seems to be safe, and given that hiring right now, in light of the 27k layoffs needed Meg's signature, I hope that it's a relatively safe place to be and my position is relatively secure.  Time will tell.

 - Speaking of 'time will tell'.  I think that that guy from Mazes and Monsters, not Tom Hanks, or the blond jock, but the other one, the one with the bird, had a part in Sons of Anarchy as some hotshot lawyer.  Good for him!

 - Here is one of the absolutely hilarious moments of the SNL Jeopardy skits - it's overshadowed in my memory by Turd Fergusen, Buck Futter, and other Burt Reynolds shenanigans, but at 3:30 of the following sketch, I was crying laughing last night.  Sure, I had so sort of be quiet while I laughed, and that carried some more funny energy to the mix, but I still think it is amazingly funny. (Thanks for the link and reminder jr0n!)
Yeah that whole Tentacle Bento thing seemed like a totally stupid game, blown way out of proportion, giving it way more attention than it deserves. They made a ton funding it off their site. Doesn't seem to be nearly as explicit as Hentacle and indeed looks like a pretty dumb game. I'm sure you'll be able to get in a demo at the convention!

Rude -- online RPing -- yes. We need to start making that happen again. We kinda stopped on a bit of a cliffhanger there. :) Post-GenCon let's try and get a schedule going again. I'm not sure I'll be able to swing weekday evenings anymore as the kid's schedule/needs have changed a bit (plus I actually am needed somewhat around the house these days, where when she was just nursing, I honestly could've just spent all my time outside the house drinking and whoring Mad-Men style). I can get the occasional evening off for board games though so who knows? Anyway, we'll figure something out, we had a good thing going there.

System-wise, I think switching to Savage Worlds will help me a bit. I like the Earthdawn system a lot but it's one of those complex systems where the game is better off if everybody kinda bones up on the rules and knows the ins and outs pretty well, and kinda has a plan for their character progression, and who has time for that shit these days? SW is in a bit more of a middle ground and might work better. We'll see!