Saturday, January 29, 2011

This music video is just amazing, check it out:

I'll try and find out asap if I can go to GenCon - I would really love to.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rude -- not the badges so much, it's more just the logistics get tougher the longer you wait. Our room is in the Marriott connected to the hotel but those rooms might fill up relatively soon. Also air fare will get harder to arrange. (Not that it's easy now, flying to the midwest is a bitch! Basically impossible to get a direct flight.)

I got so sick to my stomach today at work. There was a can drive where you got nachos if you turned in 6 cans. The nachos were delicious but ugh. At least it was for a good cause.
I think I will be able to make Kubla - it's on a weekend I'd normally have off. They won't give me a straight answer on if I got the vc I requested off. Gen Con falls on a weekend I'd normally work unfortunately. I noticed the price for a badge at gen con is only $10 more than the pre-reg price. That might work for me if I need a cpl months to find out if I can go. Do badges sell out?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

| Hotel: Reserved!


| and I actually miss those days

where i could spend 8 hours on a vid game.... fun times

I'm tempted to build another system, new mobo, cpu, graphics card, although with everything moving to the LGA1155 platform (still a bit pricy) and the sandy bridge chipset, i'm thinking about holding up my purchase until a few months later. After spending all that money on a new computer, just to play world of warcraft for an hour a day in the spare time after work. hardly seems worth it at all... or is it. It hardly seems worth it unless you COULD spend 8 hours a day on the game. Heheh...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Oh, also.. I think I'm headed into month 4 of unemployment. Haven't worked since October. Still pretty happy to be with the family.. being Mr. Mom has been awesome. haven't had much time for gaming until somewhat recently. Doing some late night gaming, or while Bennett takes his nap during the day (if I don't crash myself or use the time to get something done around the house that isn't the usual chase-the-boy-around-and-clean-up-his-disasters routine).

Time to get serious about the jerb hunt. Still willing to relocate elsewhere, just had to GTFO from Vegas as step #1 and then play things from there.

Starting up my spam campaign for job openings on Craigslist here shortly. Have about 40 tabs open right now, planning on hitting that tomorrow.
Khan finds X (lol):


| GenCorn

I'm in and I'm in. GenCon Indy registration, check. KublaCon registration, check. It's on!

fArt: The upload tool for blogger now strips the goodness out of ani-gifs. Really annoying. You have to link to external links or beg eLzar for the ftp password. Also that hidden "Giant Penis" was great. I didn't even catch it at first, but man when I did, good god.

Pump and fArt: I feel for you both. The first couple of weeks of unemployment are great and then it just sucks balls from there on out. It gets a bit depressing. Also, video games are the root of evil for the unemployed. jA-El can attest to that with his sick WoW record of over 10 days of playtime in a 30 day real time window. eVe-iLL. My hooks were GTA3/GTA3:Vice City and GT3. Both nearly gave me carpal tunnel.

Rude: That's sweet about the new diet plan. I have been working to get back on the cart. I fell off for a while and stopped working out and eating right for about 5 months. I felt like turd. Back at it the past couple of weeks and I feel much better.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

| BAM!

GenCon badge - purchased!
Kubla badge - purchased!

GenCon housing opens up this week. I'll be sending around emails soon.
Wassap with the gif no worky?
Also, this makes me giggle: