Friday, April 11, 2014

| There is a torture rack made mostly of rosewood at the north end of the room.

I may have posted this sometime in the past but holy crap, this is a fun site to dick around with. Also see the variety of other generators on the right side, including plain ol' dungeon generators.

(Use OSRIC as the system to create D&D adventures.)

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

I was probably more on-board with moving to Mars when I was younger than now. The main PLUS being, you get to explore a new friggen world. The MINUS being, you're living a super weird cramped life in a YURT, or whatever the first habitat's end up being. But if we get to see some people actually make it to Mars and SURVIVE - that'll be pretty fuckin' incredible.

We had our Orphan Black TV Special taping earlier Monday and it was pretty awesome. Wil Wheaton was as nerdy as you'd expect and all the main cast was there which was rad. We were up in bleachers sort of above the green screen set, so after they taped the show, the cast came up and met us all. They were so nice - it was just a great fanboy moment. We also got snazzy goodie bags with the 1st season dvd set and some other cool swag.

Here's the funny thing - the way the show was done was VERY close to how we taped the interview stuff up at Cayukos. Yeah, they had teleprompters and a lot of crew including camera people and director-types, but it was essentially the same exact thing, just on a bigger scale. It was just cool to feel like were stepped into that world a little bit on our own. Wil Wheaton was super pro at hosting, as were the guests. Fun experience! All in all, took about 4 hours to shoot a 1 hour show.

Sunday, April 06, 2014

| And that will be given an artificial delay of 20 minutes to simulate the lag involved in Mars-to-Earth communications.

It's sort of insane to think of a few things related to Earthlings landing on Mars, let alone colonizing it.

First of, it's Mars.  How insane is that?

Second, I love that there is sort of a stress test going on right now to simulate landing on Mars where one of the things being simulated is a 20 minute delay on email.  On the one hand, email is still pretty crazy.  On the other hand, the thought of emailing from Mars is nuts, and THEN, the thought that it only would take 20 minutes to get to Earth (and possible back again) is INSANE.  EMAIL FROM MARS!


Maybe its all my watching of the new Cosmos, maybe it's me re-watching the old Cosmos, maybe it's me thinking about things "in my day", but whatever it is, color me impressed with humans.  Finally.