Sunday, April 06, 2014

| And that will be given an artificial delay of 20 minutes to simulate the lag involved in Mars-to-Earth communications.

It's sort of insane to think of a few things related to Earthlings landing on Mars, let alone colonizing it.

First of, it's Mars.  How insane is that?

Second, I love that there is sort of a stress test going on right now to simulate landing on Mars where one of the things being simulated is a 20 minute delay on email.  On the one hand, email is still pretty crazy.  On the other hand, the thought of emailing from Mars is nuts, and THEN, the thought that it only would take 20 minutes to get to Earth (and possible back again) is INSANE.  EMAIL FROM MARS!


Maybe its all my watching of the new Cosmos, maybe it's me re-watching the old Cosmos, maybe it's me thinking about things "in my day", but whatever it is, color me impressed with humans.  Finally.