Friday, June 17, 2011

Played some co-op Portal 2 with Jon tonight. That's fun stuff. Right off the bat, it was more complex and interesting than I'd imagined. Can't wait to go through the entire campaign.

Hadn't been on Steam in awhile and just noticed they added a few of those "free 2 play" games to their store. There's Champions Online which is fun (there's Steam Achievements for it now) and a new fantasy-mmorpg in the WoW style (hear it's kind of boring though.) What stood out and which I got to try a little tonight was an action-rpg called Spiral Knights from Sega. I had fun with it. Sort of Zelda/Gauntlet/Torchlight-esque, overhead view. Think you can do dungeons with 4 dudes and then there's hub worlds inbetween. It was very arcadey but had a nice cartoony style. It's free to play and how they get you is by limiting your daily play time to around an hour or so. So you could pay real money to play more or buy better stuff. The time limit actually felt about right, but if I was a kid and really into it, I could see it being frustrating. Of all the free2plays that they now offer, I'd say give Spiral Knights a try, it's good clean fun.

At work right now and took a nyquil earlier in the day to get to sleep. 10 hours later, I'm still feeling traces of that nasty drowsy feeling.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

| A-1 Capone

One of the many bootleg books I'm reading is a history of Los Angeles in the 30s to 50s, focusing on mobster Mickey Cohen and LAPD Chief William Parker. Part of Cohen's history was his relationship to Al Capone during the 30s. For some reason, when the book was converted into whatever format I'm reading now, Al Capone became A1 Capone, as in A-1 Capone. A-1 Capone.

Monday, June 13, 2011

| My Evening

I ate nachos, and now I'm drinking Alka-Seltzer.