Thursday, April 05, 2012

I challenged you Ry! LordEnoto. It's a pretty simple war game. The first game or two will make no sense and you'll get crushed, but then it clicks.

And please, fellas, it's spelled jr0n.
I think it is aredub. I'm still not sure I completely understand that game yet. Is there a steep learning curve? Should I get the $$$ version of the game?

By the way, get cribbage so I can play you. My name for that is ryanw1035.
Hero Academy?


Hokay, I'll go check it out. What is it?

| RDub and Enron (and fArtichoke)

What are your Hero Academy usernames? I tried challenging you Ry, but your Gamecenter username is not the same (neither is Jon's, but that's beside the point).

Need the info!

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

| Solutions!

1. Move in with Matt! They're expecting within the month, and your valuable child care advice would probably cause them to charge low rent!

2. Get the wife involved in WoW and rpg's!

Occam's Razor, broheim!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

| Alas, Poor Yor-Aeryk

As much as I would LOVE to crash the Magic Realm party with Aaron and I's drunken antics, I will be packing up the house for moving most free hours during the weekends this month.

Looks like we will be moving like 8 doors down to 324 from 344 in the same complex, which is a nice silver lining to being forced out, I suppose. Smaller place and less parking for $100 more a month - hooray! But holy hell have they updated the shit out of the place! Granite counters, water filtration, nice fixtures, crazy bathtub, and a nice loft-office for my computer desk. Only downside is the loft shares a wall with our bedroom so if we do any late night RPG/WoW meetup/voicechats, Leslie will prolly get annoyed with my stupid laughing..

| The Quickening

Art Bell is also a Freemason. He is a member of the Illuminati.

I don't know if he actually IS or not, but when I googled to see what his "quickening" theory was (that I rememebered him always talking about back in the JP days) I found some crazy sites exposing him for being the New World Order shill that he is.

Or, Highlander shit.

Or2, Bad Religion shit, shit.
iPAD is pretty sick! I always sorta wanted one, but it wasn't till my special lady friend actually got me one that I sorta get all the hype. There's just a level of slickness and usability that's undeniable. I've sort of become addicted to the site/app AppShopper . You can quickly scan all the latest price drops/updates/new releases. It's like a game in itself. For example, I didn't check AppShopper for one day and missed that Hive was FREE on April 1st only. Not that I'm even craving a Hive app, but dang son.

TouchArcade is also fun to read to keep an eye out for upcoming jammers.

GMT is licensing some of their games to Playdek for iPad goodness, including C&C Ancients, Space Empires, and some other big one they have (I don't remember). There's also some new grognardicule wargames recently out, Battle Academy and Combat Mission: Touch. This upcoming Civil War joint looks more my style, so I'm waiting on this one: Civil War
It's an ephemeral thing...
First episode of TableTop came out. 30 minutes, yikes! Pretty cool to see a show about board games, Small World in this case. It was like a super slickly produced video review from BGG gone wrong/long. I will continue to watch.

Monday, April 02, 2012

In addition to 'Merkins being able to eat copious amounts of food that "just passes on through", there will simultaneously be a near limitless new source of food for the starving world called, Soylent Fart Meat. Just like pink slime, but for the rest of the world.

In other news: eLzar, there will be an accelerated, strong-beer drinking program on the morning of 3/22. Be there, and we will be the highlight of any Magic Brealm party.

De'penis, Grimrock looks intriguing. I always enjoyed that style of "3D" RPG. I played the hell out of Eye of the Beholder. Hopefully this game lives up to the hype. Yay!

iPads are damn cool for what they do.


| Magic Brealm

Yo Aeryk! Magic Realm day at Matt's, Sunday the 22nd. If you can, join the joy ride! I WILL read these frckin magic rules.

| We live in a wondrous age

I'm serious. I think we are, at most, two generations away from some serious mind-blowing, futuretech, transhuman shit. In the meantime, yes, iPads are pretty sweet, aren't they?

Prediction one: I think within fifteen years there will be a major breakthrough that will allow people to eat as much as they physically can but harmlessly break down and discard the excess fat and calories. Americans will look great; the rest of the world can keep on starvin'.

Other predictions?
Good luck on the habitat hunt.

When I first read the post, I thought "logmein" was some sort of Chinese noodle app...

So am I the only one not jumping into the 21th century? I need to start getting my priorities straight. I think my ancestors would approve as well.

Also, I pre ordered this. It's coming out on the 11th. Reminds me a lot of Eye of the Beholder. And despite the name, there are no Transformers involved. This is for PC, by the way. Like I said, I'm still stuck in the 20th century . How gauche.


| iPads and 30 Day Notices

In my first week of using my shiny new(used) iPad 2 I have determined that this device is in essence what man has been striving for since the dawn of time. It can't do everything , but what it can do is frankly amazing, and I don't even have the new-fangled Retina display, neither. Well, let me rephrase that, the iPad is what every ancestor of mine has been striving for in order to deliver it into my hands for my very specific use case, since the dawn of time. Lets go down the list so far:

- Netflix
- NHL Game Center, which lets me watch live out of market NHL games
- Craiglist and Redfin real estate app (oh yeah, did I mention that my landlord has decided to move back into our place and kick us out?)
- Logmein, so I can remote desktop to my PC and email my self stuff if it's not already on Dropbox!
- Kindle, Reamde here I come (slowly)!
- iBooks for reading PDF's of textbooks/reference books
- Games! (Loot and Scoot, Delve the Dice Game, FSRpg, Rune Raiders, Draw Something, Neuroshima Hex, Elder Sign, and still unplayed sits Titan and Ghost Stories.) These are really, really great games mostly for free or $.99 - remarkable!

Through the power of magic, coincidence, connections, and chance, we MIGHT have a place to move in the same complex, will advise.... good times.
What up my Game of Thronies!? That was some good shit. Did any else catch the premiere?

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Dang Ry, you really got me! Good job bud.

Yeah, I'm liking Hero Academy! I've been playing online for a few days against some random dude, generally getting whupped but learning a good bit. I think the price point is fair, you can have lots of fun with the free army, or pay two bucks to unlock ads and get a new army... seems reasonable enough. Someone just needs to make a co-op MMO version of this, if there was like a WoW version where you could form up groups and tackle dungeons? Forget about it.

Tried starting a Draw Something game with you fArt -- couldn't find your username though?

Glad you had a good time at the game Rude! Yeah, I'm trying to cut loose a little with this campaign, try different things. I'm sure "Fantasy RPG Reader's Theatre" will make its return at some point. I liked doing the G+ session as well. Not really appropriate to have one at the point we left off, but we'll have to do that again. I really liked getting that little bit of gaming for two minutes each day.

| Hey. Your fly is down.

April Fools!

If you checked to see if your fly was indeed down, I totally got you.

| Lordz of Waterdeep

Got to play a few 2-player sessions of the new Wizard's boardgame, Lords of Waterdeep this past week. It was a lot of fun! It's another one of these "light euros" that I've been into lately, so it was painless to learn and it was mellow enough for Silvia to enjoy it with me. First game was a tie, second game I got my ass kicked by a good 25 points.

LoW is a worker placement game in which each player represents on of the secret rules of the city of Waterdeep. You send agents (meeples) out to various parts of the city to recruit adventurers (colored wooden cubes). You can then complete Quests for victory points. Quests are usually just combinations of your cubes and money, so "Beholder infestation from Underdark - 3 fighters, 2 clerics, 1 rouge, and 3 monies" - stuff like that. So the board has a few basic spots where you can put your agents, but you can also build NEW buildings that offer different things to buy - they also give the owner of the building some kind of cut each time it's used. I guess this is basically where the Caylus comparisons come in. There's also "intrigue" cards that let you do stuff againsts the other players, like take resources, or put "mandatory quests" on them that they MUST finish before finishing any other quest. It's all pretty light and the game only lasts about an hour. The components are great and even if the theme is basically pasted on, it totally works for me. Fun game! :)
*Ok, it's April 1st. My favorite online gag right now is over on google maps, . There's a quest to undertake.

*Great online gaming sesh this afternoon guys, thanks again. Cool to have Eric observe in his sneaky (not saying anything)/not-so-sneaky (he's right there looking at us) way. Really loved the "readers theater" intro - awesome idea and a fun way to break the ice at the start of the session. Hope there are more of those!

*Aimey and Art both started playing DrawSomething with me today :) Fun to see some more perspectives on things - I def feel like I'll have to tone down some of my crazier drarings for Aimey - Art gets the full-on suicidal versions.

*Fun iPad gaming today. Jon and I played a bunch of back and forth Hero Academy and Ascension. I don't think I'd enjoy Ascension as much playing the real game because the computer doing all the shuffling/bookkeeping is just too appealing. But if anyone DID own it, I guess I could sorta compete and keep up now. The next game that company is putting out (any day now) is the deck builder Nightfall. The iOS version looks hot, so that'll be a must-buy for me. They've also got Agricola and Summoner Wars on deck, which I'm sure will kick ass.
Hero Academy is a lot of fun as well, but the pricing model is a bit of a turn off. You can play with the "human" team for free, or it's $2 bucks for the other races (2 choices as of now). It's probably worth it to buy at least 1 other race to kill the ads. It's a fun game! The more I play it, the more I like it!

Also playing a bunch of King of Dragon Pass which is a really strange but addictive game! It's not cheap (it was on sale for $8, now back to $10), but it really feels worth it. Sort of a fantasy Choose-Your-Own-Adventure/Civilization game! It's just chock full of choices and options. Really unique experience. It was an indie PC game first, so there's other ways to experience it if you don't want the iOS version.

Been hooked on a currently free app called Finger Shot RPG. It's this flicky game where you click your guys at enemies. I dunno, it's very addictive and fun and free (for a limited time)!