Saturday, December 14, 2013

Anyone seen the new Hobbit? Nah, me either.
Nice! Although the picture seems to have disappeared today, I enjoyed it yesterday...

The Cards Against Humanity guys made a game called Clusterfuck that's a free download! Maybe we can try it at the next Man/Kubla Con. Gotta like a game where the first step in setup is "remove the Chlamydia card".

Friday, December 13, 2013

This is the best Elf on the shelf of all time. haha

Boba Fett makes chocolate bars

Monday, December 09, 2013

The lull came up right when I got into some writing projects, so I didn't push to get things going again. But prototype! I'm in!

| TPK: The Card Game

The perfect excuse for me having difficulty realizing lots of differing points of view and lots of different ideas about 'feel' and 'cool mechanics' was to say that life got in the way.  Which it did, and I had a pretty large project at work going, however, it doesn't explain or excuse why I have not returned to the game!

Rudy jumped in and had some rad idears, and then the prototype, and well, the second half/element of the game came up and I got stuck :)

I need to re-read everything and then try and jump back in.  Doo Eeet!

| On another topic

Aeryk, what happened with the game you were doing some work on? I recently got the game design itch and wandered over to the other blog, but wasn't sure where to get started. If you're still working on it you should do a prototype!
Oh yeah, it is totally pervy/fanservicey/boobs a-poppin'. There's a whole "loli" race and everything, super dicey!

But most of the time you're fighting monsters so you can ignore that stuff. Just bail on the chat channel pronto, like any other MMO. Also try to avoid buying the schoolgirl outfit DLC.
Gah! I google image searched Tera and it's practically NSFW! Lot's of elf titties, christ.

I'll try to check it out this week. What's you in-name game if I get it?

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Have any of you guys tried Tera? I downloaded it tonight (it's F2P) and had a good time with it. Its claim to fame is its combat system, which is faster and more video gamey than other MMOs. Seemed to live up to the billing. At least in the intro zones, it's super fast-paced too.

Some fairly pervy outfits. I tried creating a dark elf named Elric of Melnibonér but it wouldn't let me.

Give it a shot! I'm on the Celestial Springs server (or some name like that).
That kid sounds great, poor kid. I think I was sorta like that at various points in my childhood. I totally get the safety and comfort of kickin it in a cool teachers classroom.