Saturday, September 08, 2012

Nice find Aeryk! I appreciate that his Kraken is painted in Ravens colors. He appears to be playing against Matt Wilson, the founder of PP/creator of WM. Nice to see a pretty standup gamer dude who's also a pro athlete. Are there others? The only other one I knew before was Curt "Ah hates the govment"/"Govment, please save mah company!" Schilling. But we live in an increasingly geeky world so I'm sure there are others.

Just got back from a few days' vacation with the wife. My parents came up and babysat. WAS RESTFUL. We found a good deal on a Tahoe hotel for a few days (gotta love off-season prices), and basically slept and watched TV and nothing else. Then we met up with Mr and Mrs Enr0n in Yountville and went to a SUPER FANCY OMG restaurant, it was really good! Our table and another table were fairly lively, we were both getting a lot of dirty looks from an old couple that looked like the rich people in Caddyshack. We also offended a snooty waiter and everything culminated in a massive pie fight. (Note, the previous sentence, though awesome, was fictional.) We finished eating at 4 and were so stuffed that we didn't eat anything else the rest of the day. Really fun. Thanks for meeting up with us enr0n!


I will be a big enough Football fan for EVERYONE! YAYYYYY!! :D

Favorite line in the 30 second skimming of his twitter list of posts:

Chris Kluwe ‏@ChrisWarcraft So over 3000 replies and I've only gotten 2 "LOL UR A FAG PUNTER HERP A DERP"s. I may have to reconsider my pessimistic outlook on humanity.

Friday, September 07, 2012

| Chris Kluwe

Not many people here are football fans, I'm certainly not one of them, but I do think I will be supporting the Vikings as my favorite team after the antics by their punter, Chris Kluwe.  So the story goes that a Baltimore Ravens player spoke out in support of gay marriage, then some gov't douche wrote a letter to the Ravens asking them to muzzle the guy (who incidentally went to school with iLeslie and is friends with her brother).  Anyway, the Chris guy wrote an hilarious response to the douche and you can read it here:

Hilarious response

I thought it was funny, so I checked out his twitter page (he goes by ChrisWarcraft, so I was intrigued).  As it ends up, the dude it totally into tabletop wargaming, Warmachine in particular, and is in no way shy about it.  He's got pictures of his painted Kraken, and pics from inside a game store during a tournament.  Kudos to this guy!


| Look at Blogger, Michael

Family Love Blogger.

Been too burnt to play games at night, so I've been melting my brain watching movies instead.  And I'm reading some books, too (REAMDE, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and Ready Player One, if anyone cares)!

Mission Impossible: III Not the worst movie ever.  Well paced, improbable but fun, I didn't want to kill Tom Cruise by the end (I did before, and I do after, however), and there is a sort of shocking and abrupt end to one of the characters that I was impressed by. Which character?  You're gonna have to read the book to find out!  Check it out at your local library!

Cabin in the Woods A very Elzar twist on the standard horror/slasher flick.  I liked the idea, the execution was good, not the worst movie ever.  I'd recommend it to anyone who thinks they know what an Elzar twist on a standard horror/slasher flick might mean. The only downside is if you take the two mythologies surrounding zombies where one is the undead rising from the grave and the other is a man-made epidemic - this movie sides on the man-made side, which is a bit of a bummer for me, but now that I think about it, that's not really true either... Check it out!

The Other 'F' Word A nice movie to watch if you like the punk rock.  It mostly follows Jim from Pennynose on tour an what it means to be an aging punk rock singer touring for most of the year away from his family.  There are also interviews with other punk rock dads to sort of round out the flick (Flea, Fat Mike, the singer from Rise Against, Lars from Rancid, Rob Chaos, etc.).  I give it two middle fingers up and think everyone should watch it if they can, regardless if you like the punk rock or not - at the very least it's an interesting view into punk rock parenting.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

I have beer re-watching Arrested Development with my gf, and I have to vote this as my favorite moment of this series, maybe all of television, ever.

Freak Biotch

A runner up is this

The best montage is this


Wednesday, September 05, 2012

| Kiddos and Minecraft

The kids LOVE playing Minecraft. Bennett more to watch and point out things he wants to see/do/mess with. But Haylee will build houses and gardens and all kinds of stuff. It's pretty amazing how quickly their little brains pick up this stuff.

Will try to log into the Minefold site and see if I can figure it out.
Does e-Wylie really have "chores and homework" already!? That's like way too advanced for the little dude.

| Minecraft

Minefold  Check the bottom of your account settings, I believe.  That's where it tells me how much time is left on my premium account.  And now that I think about it, doesn't it tell you in the top right of the website once you log in?  I thought there was a little bar up there counting down your time remaining?

Minecraft I've been spending my Minecraft time playing with Wylie.  He sits at the desk behind me and has his own account on his own laptop and we use the new 'open world to LAN' option, which basically means every single player world is running as a server, all you need to do is open it up to the LAN and others can connect.

When he earns time to play by himself (homework, reading, chores, etc.) he plays in creative mode and mostly creates giant lava and water flows, huge houses made from colored wool, and spawns tons of creatures, only to have them blown up by aggravated creepers.  However, he did stumble upon animal husbandry all on his own and has giant packs of wolves (and wolf pups, awwwwww) following him around.  Woe to the spawned creatures that he unleashes the wolves upon!

When we play together, we do survival mode.  He is legitimately scared of creatures in survival mode, and freaks out if we become separated when exploring a cavern.  It's pretty cool to watch him experience some of the same thrills that I did when I was young and playing video games.  I remember being SO SCARED when iJP and I played "Transylvania" on his Mac back in the day, not to mention Doom II when I was a teenager!  We are in constant communication when we play together, and discuss what needs to happen next, why, and how to get there.  "I want the blue armor!"  "Well, to get blue armor we need diamonds.  To get diamonds we need to get metal pick axes.  To get metal pick axes we need to find ore.  Then to find diamonds we need to explore caverns or dig really, really deep." etc.

Nerd family bonding at it's best.  Next step, red box character creation!

I can't really figure it out from their website. I don't think I've ever come close to the max of free time, so I haven't really noticed when my hours have reset.

Monday, September 03, 2012

Also, MINECRAFT / MINEFOLD. Got involved, started building a project and ran out of free time. Anyone know when that rolls over to a new 'free' month? Is it by calendar or based on when you started...?

| Next

Will be a secret bread bakery!  No seriously, it's been quite fun.  Hope it bears some fruits and gets published!
I'm gonna have to make some more this week - it barely lasted past the first day. When it comes out piping hot, holy shit that's some good eats!

Jael and I had a rad TOP SECRET crash course game design session this morning. Can't go into the deets because you would all try to STEAL OUR RICHES, but it was really fun :) Being creative, especially in-person with another human being, is super awesome.

I slept like less than 2 hours today from coming off work and I'm back at friggen work again. I'm so jacked up, blech.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

To be fair, the electric mixer craps out about half way through during the first mix attempt (cheap ass hand mixer).. so yeah, mostly it's by hand either way (which is why I ditched it on the second attempt). In any case, we're now doing this 2-3 times a week to keep fresh bread in the house. We just wrap it in plastic wrap and then throw that in a ziploc. Keeps it nice and soft for at least a couple days (dunno how long we could take it... it never lasts long enough to check!) lol
Check out this Kickstarter for a futuristic Blood Bowl type of mini's game:
I don't paint mini's but maybe you guys who are into that might get into this.

| I take cold showers now!

My bread totally looked like poop. :( Next time I will make them shorter and thicker because the pizza stone is only 12" round I think. Barnacle Breads. Floater Inc.

Arte: Yeah, I poured water into oven with the quick close. That was exciting and ridiculous :) I guess it worked, but it's still hard to believe that little bit of steam is all it takes to make awesome crust! That bread was so much better than any I've made in a bread machine. I don't have a machine mixer, so I did ALL the mixing by hand - brutal! I literally put blood sweat and tears into the dough.