Friday, February 01, 2013

| Proper way to introduce Star Wars to new viewers

Awesome read:


Yeah, the guy recommends skipping Episode I all together... lol. I follow his logic and agree with him completely.

| Rood v.2.0

Grats on the kiddo, mang! It's a whole new brave world filled with zero sleep. But it's pretty awesome.
That's great news!  About the kid, not the peni...  Felicitations!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

I actually grew an additional peni and really don't know what I should do with it. :) ya we are having a kid!
Wait, you're implying that you are having a kid, right?

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Congrats Rudy, you old dog!

| Huzzah!

Unless you are considering the possibility of regrowing your turtleneck via weights and/or electrical stimulation and then thinking through your own personal decision to self-circumcise (or possibly with the assistance of a doctor), I say Huzzah!

| circrumbsized

All I'm saying is it looks like I may have to start weighing the pros and cons of circumcision.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

| New Player Names

HivvyT and MORMOR have taken over my new in game character names.  So far, one of each playing Kingdom Builder...  might even be enough of an incentive to fire up WoW again JUST to have toons running around with those names above their heads :)

Monday, January 28, 2013

| Hivvy-T And Indigenous Dangers

Game recaps:
I'm glad I got to try Dreadball. Those kind of games always intimidate me, but it turned out to be pretty intuitive and fun. I don't think I earned the win because I was being super sloppy, but I'll take it.

Glad people liked Lords of Waterdeep. It's not the (water)deepest game, but like Kingdom Builder, it's mellow and relaxing. FYI, the tiny adventurer meeples that you played with didn't come with the game, but were made by a fan in Canada who was selling thru BGG. The real game comes with boring colored wooden blocks. You still end up saying "I need 3 orange and two white", but at least it's funner to look at.

Grown-up Flashpoint was surprisingly awesome and I'm glad we bothered to learn how to play. Now, I can see that game getting a lot more love.

Space Cadets was not the game I expected. I really like it, but I hope we play it earlier next con and more often, because I feel like there's a ton there we didn't get to experience. I was expecting a party game, but it really was Artemis the board game.

Dungeon Fighters was the awesome party game that came out of nowhere for me. That shit was fun and a pleasure.

The other fun party time vroom starter was Cards Against Humanity. I didn't expect to like it from what little I knew going in, but it was awesome with our group. We're always late with the million dollar ideas!

I'm surprised we got a quarter game of Trajan in! I'm not the master at explaining medium weight Euro's, but the guys who tried it were champs and hopefully it can be played to completion in the future.

Frisbee is ALWAYS the best with you guys. Cayukos is our home away from home. F dead birds.

Steetsoccer. AKA Footy. It's cool but Jael was too cocky with his one win, so that game can eat a d. (In a year I'll be ready for a rematch!)

Kingdom Builder is always boss and perfectly calming.

Zooloretto Dice and Carcassonne Discovery were good filler while we waited for the 2nd group to show up. String Railway was not as bad as some people seem to think. Not the worst game! It will be back in '14!

Thanks again for cooking Enron and bJorn! Thanks for driving Jael! Thanks for hooking up the spot Elrick! Everyone else, see ya in the pit.

(insert funny emoji's of grandma and skulls and shit and knives and baby chicks and fingers and)

| Cayucos PostMORMORtem

 - The more people we get, the more socializing, conversing, and catching up each of us need to do with each other, so it makes sense the more people we have, the less games we get in.  I think for that reason alone we should no longer have large groups meet in Cayucos, only small, maybe one person at a time ManCons,  so that each person in attendance can more easily be overwhelmed, picked off, and slowly consumed over time by MorMor and the Giant Space Pill Bug.  It's just being considerate to both MorMor and to each other for not wasting game time.

 - That being said, I did get to play the following:

 - Cards Against Humanity x2
 - Star Wars LCG
 - X Wing
 - Flashpoint x2
 - Space Cadets x1.5, I just pooped out playing it that long consecutively, fun game tho!
 - The Resistance x0 (thankfully ;) )
 - Dreadball
 - Drunk Quest (likely never again!)
 - Kingdom Builder x2 (I like it so much I picked up the iOS version last night!)
(EDIT via reminder from R00ds post)
 - String Trains
 - Dungeon Fighter
 - Street Soccer (almost to completion.  I think the game ended early due to a Breakfast Riot)

 - I missed out on these games I really wanted to play:

 - Lords of Waterdeep
 - Space Empires 4x
 - Lord of the Rings LCG
 - Claustrophobia

 - Next time, I think I need to drink my beers early in the morning so I can be drunk before noon, then drink coffee as a pick me up, and then have it all wear off before going to bed so I don't have crazy drunk heart beat while trying to sleep (as I am want to do when I go to bed with food and alcohol in my system).

 - I'm also bringing my wetsuit, fins, and probable squid-lid (wetsuit hood) with mounted waterproof video camera for next time!  Though I still need the squidlid and camera....

 - Essentials for next time:

 - Rice cooker
 - Slow cooker
 - About the same amount of beer, though we did leave with about a case left over.
 - About the same amount of food, though with a rice cooker and slow cooker we could probably be even more frugal in our Costco run.

Good times, everyone!

| Euro Game Recipes

Dude, I bought an extra big slow cooker JUST for this convention! Only reason I didn't bring it was I didn't drive this time and Jael's car was already super packed. I got one ready for the next one.

Speaking of amazing slow cooker meals, I'm going to give you my super easy recipe for the most amazing shredded beef for tacos ever. It is the Resistance of foods.

~3lb Tri-Tip roast (you can catch them on sale at Ralphs n shit for $10ish instead of $20ish - Other types of roast work, but tri-tip shreds the best and really tastes the best)
1 cup beef broth
1/2 a can of Chipotles in Adobo Sauce (these little 7oz cans)
1 7oz can Salsa Verde (like this one)
1 7oz can Whole Green Chile (like this)
Half an onion, sliced

Salt Pepper Garlic the meat and trim off any excess fat. Plop it in your crock pot. Throw in everything else. Cook. If I have all day I'll do around 8 hours on low, if I start it later, 5 hours on high. Maybe an hour before its dinner time, get in there and shred the beef with two forks - it will fall apart. We flash fry some corn tortillas then have at it. The kid likes to add shredded cheese, but the meat is tasty enough for me without anything beyond the corn tortillas.

It's like 15 minutes of prep time, at most. Really easy and good. Give it a shot! The more chipoltle peppers you add, the hotter it'll be. About 3-4 peppers isn't gonna kill anyone, but if you're sensitive to them you can do less.

That shit is the best.bat

AMAZING CON GUYS! Always fun. I was getting home sick by the end for sure, but I had a great time. I always wish more games were played, but it's just how it always goes. The socializing is the real reason for the gathering anyways.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Good times bros! Hope everyone made it home safely.

I was thinking today that another good food option in the future could be a slow cooker... Those are great because you can get everything prepped the day before, dump it in in the morning and buddy, you got yourself a stew goin'.

I'll send out an email pretty soon to try and get another DCC game arranged. I'm hoping we can do it as a semi-regular thing, but baby steps first.