Monday, April 14, 2014

Even though I know those dungeons are randomly generated, they sound like SO MUCH FUN. If that shit was around when we were in high school, I think I would have been in gaming heaven.

Speaking of games, got FTL on the iPad. I figure a rad game by such a small team deserves the loot, so didn't mind dropping $10 bucks. Ended up burning through a ton of my precious sleep time today playing. Such a rad game. Haven't messed with the "advanced" stuff because I never completed a run in the normal game. Once I do that I'll mess with the new shit. The touch controls are rad. I can't imagine playing it on the computer again, because the touch-based stuff is so fast and intuitive.

Recently saw:
Frozen - it was good. Kinda over hyped for me, so didn't quite live up to expectations, but still some good Disney Princess action.
Gravity - also over-hyped. I liked it, but probably lost something in it being at home, in 2d, and with regular ol' TV sound. I still think Children of Men is his best movie so far. Just watched that again a few weeks back and it's just great.

One of my gaming shelves took a massive shit on me about a week ago. It was this cheap $15 plastic shelf from Home Depot that I had WAY overloaded with heavy ass game boxes. Add to that, it was in the sun-room which gets hot as hell, so the plastic warped under the weight and heat and dumped a bunch of shit all over the place. Fun picking up Lords of Waterdeep wooden dudes mixed with Scrabble tiles, cards, and fucking spiders.