Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Count me in as well! I was SUPER excited at first because I thought YOU had written Cthulhu Dark. Then it turns out some other asshole made it (unless that's a pen-name, then congrats, asshole). ((Does the period go outside of that parenthesis or inside? It always looks weird sitting outside by itself.))?.! Still excited that you're running it!

Without knowing the setting/time, here's a universal character, hopefully general enough to fit in the world you create.

Chef Aswad Bastet
Well-known Egyptian chef who is currently working in a fancy hotel or on a luxury cruise ship. Not a "celebrity chef" per se, but he's well known amongst the elite and sought out enough to travel the globe regularly. Depending on the timeline of the game, he comes from a long line of chefs, including Howard Carter's personal chef during his excavations in the Valley of the Kings.

(He may or may not look like the Egyptian Guy Fieri.)