Monday, June 09, 2014

| Cthulhu Dark

Okay, I'm actively working on an RPG to maybe one day run, preferably in person, but more than likely over the webcam.  Seriously.

The system will be Cthulhu Dark with a few bits and bobs added to it like Dark Tales:

It's an amazingly simple system that sounds like it will work really well with our group.  Basically, you never fail at anything you try (possibly outside of combat, but that would be an add-on rule) UNLESS another player at the table thinks it would make the story better if you did and then they make an opposed roll with you.  The game works well for groups that trust each other and are looking to have fun, create a good story, and aren't concerned with min/maxing, etc.

I think we will do well with it.  Did I mention the rules are like 10 paragraphs long?

Anyway, I've read the same short story from a Delta Green anthology like 5 times over the years because I thought it was so clever, I think I'm going to try and adapt it to an adventure.

Let's start with character creation!

"Choose a name and occupation. Describe your Investigator."

Done.  More to follow...