Friday, June 13, 2014

| Ain't dead

Just trying to make it through the week, workwise.

I think I might need to just settle in on a generic-ish game JUST to get something done, and work on my story conversion over time.  I REALLY like the sort of 'ah-ha' moment from the story and would love to integrate it but a story ain't a scenario.

Also, I'm thinking webcams might not be the best way to get RPGing done, outside of sort of hack and slash stuff, so I'm also thinking a more straight forward scenario would be good to try to get out the technical, distracted, jokey stuff first to see if its a format that would work going forward.

Listen to me! Talking like this thing might actually happen.  Fool!

I like the chef idea!  +1D6 for rolls against determining what sort of part of the muscle that is spread out across the cave entrance and if the butcher knew what he was doing, vs. an untrained blade :)

Also the C4 salesmen with C4 suit would get a +1D6 for rolls to determine if a crazy person is actually crazy, or if they are just really committed to their profession.  So is the guy wearing a suit made from human skin insane or just a really great tanner/leatherworker and wants to _be_ one with his job?