Monday, August 12, 2013

| F You, Allen Wrench

Putting together the baby's nursery, the paint was epic. It went ok, but I pretty much gave up on doing any of the trim. Did the ceiling and walls and then when I looked at all doors and trim, it suddenly looked "good enough". Then had to build the crib. It went great until one fucking screw would not line up with it's hole. Wasted like 2 hours trying this and that to make it work. Dinged up the wood around it using all manner or inappropriate tools (hello hammer) and finally said FUCK YOU, CRIB HOLE. Baby's gonna have a rickety crib and love it.

Since the nursery was my "office" before, I totally downgraded my big ridiculous desk to the world's smallest Ikea desk (which was still easier to make than the crib because, no dumb fucking screw hole issues). But we also moved out a couch and tv stand we had in there, so now I'm able to close the door to that room if we ever play Star Wars RPG online.

Did anyone see Spring Breakers? It's so ridiculous and crazy. Visually it's pretty rad looking at times, but holy shit, it's just so out there and pretty stupid. I enjoyed it, but I can't imagine seeing that in a movie theater with other people around, yikes. There's a couple of montages set to wub-wub dubstep music that are SO fucking dumb and hilarious. They're basically: "here's crazy spring break hedonism with topless chicks doing beer bongs" - they're so over the top, it's funny and embarrassing. And they show these little montages a couple of times, so it's just nuts.

Kingdom Rush: Holy shit, this game is so good. iOS tower defense game, with a big time fantasy rpg feel to it. It's been around forever and the sequel recently came out. I picked up the first one for free. There's a bunch of hero's you can buy, but it doesn't seem completely necessary to advance in the game. I've been avoiding it forever because I'm just not that into tower defense games, but this one is so friggen addictive and good! Beware, they sell regular and HD versions (for ipad) - I just have the regular versions and play them 2x on the ipad. Also, with the sequel, people seem to be freaking out on how much the extra heros cost and that if you wanted to have them all, it would cost like $40 bucks. Sure, that sucks, but just going off the base game, it's really super fun.