Thursday, August 15, 2013

| It would even almost work without the caption

Aww, it's GenCon. Was it really only a year ago that enr0n, pump and I were photographing ourselves in bizarre masks while Peter groaned in bed? How time flies. Gotta say I miss it. Hopefully in a year or couple we can round up another posse to lovely Indianapolis.

Built my first custom LotR deck and took a whack at the second core scenario. I was getting my butt kicked with the default decks and decided to try a strategy I'd see online of using a deck with a lower threat total so I wouldn't get jumped by the Hill Troll right away. I used Eowyn, Frodo and Gimli and kept mainly to cheaper dudes/events.

Right away I knew things were going to go badly as the first two encounter cards to come out were:

- Hill Troll
- Hill Troll

That said, I still got surprisingly far (killed both trolls and got partway into the second stage), so I'm giving the deck another couple tries as-is tonight and see what happens!