Saturday, March 15, 2014

Have you guys tried the optional rules in the Quarriors app yet? They definitely add a little more strategy. I'm interested in playing the game again in a "hey, enr0n, bring it to Kubla" kinda way.

I do find it infuriating that "choose" is misspelled in the defend prompt and intend to write the company a letter (not an email).

In other news, AEG accidentally let a Doomtown reboot site go live for a little while today! There were only a few temp copy and art assets there, and it's back behind a password wall now, but it sure looks like they're planning to rerelease Doomtown in LCG format this year! That is fan-fucking-tastic news.

* fires six-shooters wildly in air, is eaten by crazed, zombie Abraham Lincoln *