Friday, December 23, 2011

Bummer Elzar. Enron has a similarly opposite schedule from me so it looks like Santa Claus isn't bringing much gaming for Xmas this year! At least I have Mage Knight to carry me through the days! Super fun! ;_;

Randomly, I checked out the new Mission Impossible with a dude from work and it was actually very good! Just a really solid, well-shot action movie the likes of which they don't make much anymore (ie, no shakycam). Yeah, Tom Cruise is in it, but I think of it not so much as a Tom Cruise movie, as a spy movie by the director of Iron Giant and Incredibles.

Not sure who else has snApple phones/tablets (maybe just Enron) but there are some good sales on right now. EA games in particular are all .99 and they've got some good stuff. I picked up Dragon's Lair for iPhone and Mirror's Edge and Dead Space for iPad since I plan on picking up an ipad 3 when those come out. I also picked up a free game called "Jetpack Joyride" that's pretty addictive, and Brawl (the old Cheapass card game), which is pretty good too. I finally had to delete Tichu from my phone. I was playing it ALL THE TIME and seeing it in my dreams. Think I'm as good as Tichu as I'm gonna get, now to play the real version!