Wednesday, December 21, 2011

In Minecraft news, I reasoned that if I moved far enough in one direction I'd find something interesting, so I built a stone sky bridge about going north about 500 blocks, and found a really awesome mountainous area. Nearby are some flatlands with sheep... ALL the sheep. (Seriously, there were a couple dozen running around not far from my doorstep.) And a village! With NPCs in it! The NPCs are kinda creepy. They come out of the houses when you open the door, and... don't really do anything. Was sort of expecting some rudimentary conversation or something.

I'm going to kind of keep it Art-style and do up the area without messing with the terrain too much. There was a natural cave with three openings in the mountain and that's where I'm building the Fiendish Mountain Fortress of Dr. Oeterson.