Thursday, December 22, 2011

| Technicality

When I say The Old Guard, I mean the guild "The Old Guard" on Bonechewer :)

When I was hot and heavy into WoW, I started a guild with a guy from my old work; I called it The Old Guard because I wanted to cater to old people with less l33t attitude. When I took a break, I passed the guildmaster duties off to my pal who then took a Horde break and passed the GM duties to another dude. The guild was unused and unloved for over a year and when I logged back in with a toon that was still in the guild, there was a notice that since the GM had been inactive for so long I could steal control!

Acererak is now back in charge and our numbers are growing! And by growing I mean membership is swelling with all my alts and Pump, Myke, and Chris (my old pal from work). We have a four person dungeon crew already, just need one.... more.... person....

Awesome dungeon content awaits! Scratch that D&D itch in Azeroth! Gold for everyone! We have cookies!