Tuesday, July 22, 2014

| Tourretes Guy in my office

Not the funny, swearing, rare kind of Tourettes either, the annoying coughing tic sort of Tourettes Guy... drives me up a freaking wall.  I have to sit with headphones on all day in the office because his constant coughing and throat clearing ("AHEM..ahem, ahem.........AHEMAHEMAHEM....ahem...cough, cough...ahem... AHEM...)  is one of the most distracting things I could possible imagine in a workplace.  Well, nekkid ladies might be more distracting at first, but then you learn that you can spend some time working and THEN look at them when you WANT to, but with this guy, his cough is so pervasive it gets in your skull and makes you want to cringe and kill yourself every 15 - 20 seconds, or so.

I do a weird winking thing from time to time, so I totally get tics, but come on.  My manager asked GRE (Global Real Estate) that I get moved to a different pod location because it was disrupting my work and after about 2 weeks the request was closed and the 'problem had been dealt with', which meant nothing had been done.

Anyway, I must be the biggest jerk because I'm the only one it appears to adversely affect, though everyone notices. Ah well, what can you do? (kill myself)