Monday, July 08, 2013

Wow! Sounds like a good date night thing to do (edit: just don't take Pocahontas). We were in town for a couple days so we snuck off and saw The Heat. It was only OK, but it was nice to get out. We caught it at the Arclight which is really nice too and not even more expensive than normal theaters.

Saw a couple trailers for Pacific Rim and that looks pretty awesome. I'll probably sneak out and catch that one, then that'll be that for movies for another year or so :)

Update update: OK, just got home after an exhausting drive with a late start and a cranky toddler. Relieved to be home. Tomorrow was supposed to be a relaxing "stay-cation" day but I think it'll mainly be spent dealing with car-based B.S.:

1. Last Tuesday we got an oil change from the Subaru dealer. On Thursday, we started driving to LA, only to have the low oil light come on a few minutes after getting on I-5. Pulled into the nearest gas station (15 minutes), popped hood, and eyy! the technician had decided the oil cap looked better resting on the battery than screwed into the oil compartment. Oil all the fuck over the engine and top of the hood. Cleaned up the mess the best I could and put in a quart (which brought the dipstick to above full, so I'm not too concerned about damage to the engine itself at this point). We've left several messages at our fine dealer, who has not called back yet, which is always a portent of good customer service. Tomorrow will no doubt be a fun time convincing these guys they need to redo the oil and steam clean that shit.
2. Today when we got home we saw that somebody had stolen the front license plate off of our other car. Eyy!