Monday, July 08, 2013

| Fancy Shit

Over the weekend we headed out to one of those $30 bucks a ticket movie theaters out in Pasadena (iPic Theaters), and it was a killer experience! Obviously, not something we could afford to do on a regular basis, but it was awesome to try out and will probably be something we return to for big movies we're both looking forward to. We got there early and (I) had drinks in this nice fou-fou lounge. They had like the fanciest nachos I'd ever tried, and they were delish. They had a bunch of beers on tap, but I went for a couple of strong cocktails. Once in the theater, you each get your own super comfy recliner with a pillow, blanket, small pox, and free popcorn. At the push of a button, a waitress comes to your chair and takes your order for more drinks and food. It was RAD! We saw Lone Ranger which we liked. It's gotten pretty bad reviews and I don't think it did well at the box office this weekend, but I found it a lot more enjoyable than the past bunch of Pirates of the Caribbean movies and even the new Superman. And for being 2.5 hours long, the plush movie experience made it worth it.