Saturday, February 15, 2014

Nice, that's a good one. I personally think the Wife Factor (tm) on that one might be a little low, due to a combination of complexity/fiddliness and the overwhelming bleakness of watching everybody die of starvation and exposure, but GOOD LUCK BUDDY!

Kind of bad rulebook on that one so definitely grab a reference from BGG. There are also some really crazy situations you can get into with the cards that result in you "spending night outside the camp" so might be best to redraw if you encounter any of those to start with.

Unless they've updated the it in a second printing, there's a big mistake in resolving the night phase. Basically they say that you choose whether to move your shelter after you take damage from not having a roof. That's an error. You get to choose to move your shelter before checking whether you have a fucking roof. This will make a lot more sense when you play the game.

Also don't forget that you lose if ANYONE DIES (well, not that fucker Friday). No tearful farewells at the grave followed by soldiering on, YOU LOSE.

It is a rad game.