Sunday, February 16, 2014


Elrick and I had some fun time tonight playing 7 Days to Die. It's a fps zombie crafting game. It's still in "alpha", so there's a generous amount of jank you have to deal with, but it did a pretty good job of evoking the Walking Dead.

After an aborted half day where we made if to a house in this burned out area, we restarted and played through two nights. We started in a forest and headed for a big residential area. Looted some houses then hid in an attic while what sounded like a billion zombies tore up the house beneath us. In the morning it was a struggle to get out because the place was just slammed with dudes, so we had to jump from the 2nd floor. Day two was more rushed looting then another night of attic hiding. My computer blue screened which was probably for the best since I have to raise a baby.

Fun !