Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sorry, it's 3:30 or nothin'! :)

I have become absolutely obsessed with Doomtown again, specifically finding my missing cards. I absolutely have NO idea where the fuck the 1/3 of my collection with all my Dudes and faction starters is? :( Anybody have a stray set around?

Went through ALL the unpacked storage boxes I've got at the apt, and this weekend searched the closet in my old bedroom... no dice.

Man I really went balls-deep into that game. I started entering the cards I DO still have into a spreadsheet (obsessed!) and assuming the current ratio holds, I had something like 85% of the cards in the range.

I even started looking into the cost of replacing my missing cards. It would be... cost prohibitive. It would be really cool if FFG got the rights and rereleased it Living Card Game style. Alas, it appears AEG still has the rights and is not relinquishing them, they need to focus on releasing more L5R for fat dicks.