Sunday, June 30, 2013

| Koo-ta-loo

I did back it, and as much as I like that game, and am a relative Chaosium apologist, the shipping costs of the  Kickstarter was ridiculous.

I pledged the Slobbering Shoggoth level and it's cost was $100 or more; the 'or more' became the additional postage cost for physical item included in the stretch goals!  In the end, it cost $107 and I THINK I had to up my pledge by that amount before the project funded, but didn't because it wasn't clear what I was supposed to do...

Next, I wanted add a few items from the Curiosity Shop (i.e. more stuff to buy).  How do I do this?  Well, after the project funded we got an update saying that for a limited time, you can use PayPal to pay for additional items, additional pledges, and shipping ("if you forgot about that").  But there was no form to fill out or store to use, just old fashioned log into your PayPal account, send an amount of money to them, and then in the notes section tell them what item you want and not forget to add $1 per physical item for shipping!

It's unfortunate that they didn't just include shipping (at least to the US/Canada like EVERY OTHER KICKSTARTER), and I'm sure they will get some top notch nerd rage about it in the coming days; I certainly think it was a bummer.

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