Monday, July 01, 2013

| Deadlands Session #1: A Rousing Success!

Thanks everyone who could attend my first Deadlands game as GM!  I really think I hit my stride about 1/3 of the way through the game, and honestly believe the last 2/3 was possibly the best time I have ever had playing an RPG!  Seeing as the game had such an amazing conclusion (thanks everyone!) I think I'll probably take some time off from running anymore Deadlands for awhile and just relish the joy and fun we all had! See ya at the beach!

In Other RPG Gaming News

Leslie has really taken to the GoT series, and is about 1/2 through the first book (only starting sometime last week while on jury duty).  For some reason her interest in a highly successful fantasy novel that has broad appeal got me thinking it might be time to try out an RPG on her...

Our old neighbors are pretty nerdy (the husband/dad particularly, though the wife/mother likes a good WoW session) and I'm thinking of running a CoC game for them just to see what happens.  I like that CoC is basically regular people that are SORT OF easy to identify with (if being a combo para-psychologist/archaeologist from Harvard is easy) that sort of have their 'normal' world turned upside down through unforseen terribleness.

Leslie is not too fond of scary or gross things (strike one and two against CoC!) but MIGHT like the investigation and story elements of the game.  I dunno, it will likely be an embarrassing disaster ('so, THAT'S what you do at those game conventions?  I want a divorce.'), but it also might be fun.  Other than playing Tomb of Horrors with David Happy and Dan Stephenson in high school (WTF), I don't really have any RPG experience with a total non-RPG gamer, let alone one that's my wife.  Any thoughts or experience on this?