Wednesday, July 16, 2014

| Oh Sure

NOW you wanna play DW, now that you have heard a positive opinion from an OUTSIDER.... I get it... That's fine... I'm not hurt...

PS I'm gonna try to listen to the podcast because I genuinely want to hear about DW, too!  The little I have been able to find on RPGNET, has been positive, and the Apocalypse Engine, on which it is based, has has tons of threads, so I feel pretty good about it but I'd like to hear as much as I can.

The only knock/curios about it has been that it is not round/turn based, it's basically free-form action reaction where the fiction drives the focus.  I feel like that's how we RP anyway but the turns and rounds were sort of an artificial structure that sometimes got in the way.  I like the idea of resolving more than one combat action at a time before shifting focus to another part of the battle just because of turn order.

We'll likely never find out how fun DW is given how hard it has been to find one hour for Microscope on everyone's calendar, but you never know!

(That was a passive aggressive challenge to everyone, if you missed it.  Jerks.)