Sunday, July 13, 2014

A part of me is envious of you guys with older kids, because I imagine all the great stuff you've already experienced with them. But I know I should just savor every moment with my little girl as they come along. She's 9 months old right now, but it already feels like the clock is speeding up and shit is happening  fast.

Yeah, Boyhood was a bit of a weepie for me, mostly because I could relate to so many stages of the kids life. Not "exactly", but there's so much stuff that's universal when you're going from 1st-12th grade, it's hard not to remember all the crazy emotions we've gone through growing up. I don't think I was hit as hard on the parenting side of things, because I'm only 9 months in, but it did make me reflect on my own folks and what they must have gone through raising me and my sister.  I still think it's worth seeing even if you're scared it's gonna wreck your shit. It's just such an interesting concept for a movie.

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