Monday, July 14, 2014

| Older Kids are Rad!

But watching 'em grow is like nothing else...

Probably 3 weeks ago Wy had something stuck in his foot so he needed to hop up on the counter so I could soak his foot in some water to clean it up to see what the problem was.  I reached down, stuck my hands in his armpits to lift him up and found OMG he's almost to big to do that anymore!  I eventually got him on the counter, washed his foot, found the barb that was stuck and he jumped down.  His foot was still smarting so we joked that I should carry him like a baby to his bed.  So I again, reached down between his pits to lift him up, this time I was prepared for the weight.  You know the "hoist, position on shoulder, and tuck your arm under their ass for support" move, right?  You do it all the time, and eventually it becomes second nature.  Well, I tried it on Wy and my arm ended up in his lower back - he had grown (overnight?) so much, and I had apparently stopped picking him up anymore, I totally missed out on recognizing when the LAST TIME I WOULD CARRY MY KID LIKE A BABY WAS.  I mean, the dude weighs 73 lbs, so I should have known, but you sort of get mixed up in work and life and you forget these things...  Anyway, don't look too far ahead, before you know it she'll be screaming "I hate you, dad!" and you'll try and remember what your little girl was like when she was still little :)