Sunday, July 22, 2012

Finally got Bomberjon (Jael) in on some Summoner Wars action today (via iOS) - smoked him pretty good in the first game with his Jungle Elves vs my Phoenix Elves. Elves on Elves action! It was fun and super quick. The Phoenix Elf event that gives "precise" to any unit it friggen hardcore and I think I had a lucky draw with two of those in my hand and the summoner and a champion on his dude. We started a bunch of games after that but I was doing "thank you" cards for the wedding so didn't really get them going yet. Jael will come back, I guarantee.

Edit: Right after I post this, Jael gets on a serves me a couple of brutal turns in our games. This dude is relentless! :)

I'm interested in trying out the Cloaks some more soon. I hear you really have to tweak the deck for them to be effective. I guess they also play very differently than some of the more straight ahead teams. The Vanguards are also ranked pretty low, so it'll be fun trying to figure them out.