Sunday, July 22, 2012

That looks quite appetizing.  Never made fresh tuna rolls at home.  The freshest fish they have at the supermarket, you have to go to the asian markets like 99 ranch, and not at the one down on Artesia near our neighborhoods.  And even then the fish has already gone through several layers of distribution.  I've never bought fish from Ralphs, Vons, or Albertsons, except for the prepak frozen tilapias.  

Just went down to vegas on the spurt of the moment last night for a meeting with some of my dads clients.  Here is the villa they are staying at, all comped by the Bellagio.  The villa is a part of the hotel, but is entirely secluded from the main hotel with a private entrance.    In a way, it was neat to see all the luxuries available to the upper level guests of the famed resort.  But then who needs this much luxury?  There was a private Theatre, Swimming pool, billiard, spa, salon, and restaurant.  Probably much more that i didn't get to see.

Rude:  5 stars for the Summoner wars app!   Glad you recommened it.  It is one of the better games I have bought on the iphone.  Had my doubts about it in the beginning (complexity, size of screen) etc.   Hey Rude, did you catch the gliche in our Abu vs Abu fight?   When I tried to attack with my summoner, it used it's abilities instead but on your guy!   The ability reads "increases the attack dice of 1 of your jungle.."  but it confused your jungle dude for mine.     Also what's up with not having a redo button?   Once I made a accidental double click and it wouldn't allow me to redo the action.   Its good in a way, (no experimenting moves like Hero Academy) but then it sucks if you make a mistake.

That's all going on with me.