Friday, August 23, 2013

ZOMG new baby!!! 2 weeks early to the day. I'll post pics and stuff on FB later. Everything went great, although I lost my eligibility for father of the year by not actually being in the room when he was born.

Long story short: we went to the hospital at midnight, we had nobody to watch Kid 1 so we brought her, she was super upset and freaked out by the creepy hospital, couldn't get back to sleep. It seemed like not much was going on contraction-wise, so we decided I should bring the kid back home and come back either when the shit hit the fan, or after I could drop her off at day care. Two hours later, the wife pulled another of her fastball specials. Had a couple heavy but somewhat irregular contractions, midwife took a look, said "hey he's coming out right now!", like ten minutes later I get a call that I've got a kid!

Anyway the moral of the story is daycare should be open 24 hours.