Thursday, August 22, 2013

| Keep 'em

Like jr0n said, combining the two starter sets will almost give you all the cards you need to have 3 of each card.  I have two sets and I think there are 5 or 6 cards that I have a photocopied proxies for to make 3 of each.  All releases past the starter set includes three of each card, FYI.

Not to mention your balls and starter set are such a small blip on Amazon's radar, it's not worth getting involved. In my case however, when I kept a mis-mailed Memoir '44 that was sent to me in French and DoW then sent an english version and THEN asked that I mailed back the French version, I of course didn't do it, because I'm a jerk and like to hurt little game companies as well as multinational corporations the same.

Segue ----------->

I Played Pathfinder Last Night!
It was 'okay'.  I only played the first scenario, which is fairly simplistic, however I don't really see how any of the other scenarios would be THAT much different, or interesting, or dynamic.  Mostly it's flip a card from one of three location piles, either try to fight it or try to claim it, move the 30 card countdown timer.  Rinse, repeat.

It wasn't THAT simple, and there was some hand management, and some fun equipment/ally discoveries, but it was pretty simplistic.  A fun part is after the game you need to reduce your deck down to the same amount of starting cards, in the same categories, but you can sort of customize the deck based on what you found in the last scenario.  I will now take this character deck into the next scenario of the adventure path.

I plan on playing the next game at lunch today, and I'll comment afterward.