Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rematch: So I redid my Haka & Ra vs the Baron fight tonight and won! I *think* I was misreading one of Haka's powers because the shitty Comic Sans font they use makes the 3s look like 5s, and might have been dealing too much damage for a few rounds. In which case, I probably would have lost. But it was fun and pretty close. Ra went down soon after the Baron's card got flipped, and I think Haka had like 4 hitpoints left. There were a bunch of rules questions I had throughout that I wasn't able to find the answers to online, so it's possible I did a lot of stuff wrong. Environment round: Draw a card - the card was a "at start of environment round, do X" type - in that case I'd do that the NEXT round, right? Since drawing a card happens AFTER the "start" actions take place? HUH? And then there were some damage cards that were like "the card with the lowest HP takes X damage" but I'd have multiple cards with the SAME HP, so I dunno, I just chose who took the damage.

It was kinda confusing at times! Not Fantasy Flight confusing, but still.