Wednesday, March 05, 2014

| Shwanky Husker (Du) Avenue

I'm working on fortifying a spot in the Manhattan Beach of the 7 Days to Die world.  There are three upper upper-middle class places that are HUGE and I for some reason grabbed the biggest one to try and fortify.  For some reason, even if I'm undetected all night, those bastards still wanna break windows and shit overnight.  Really drops the property value for when we wanna flip it for gobs of cash back in 2007.

I've started to trench the whole place, and am building up walls on both sides of the trench and then will put those giant tree spikes in the pit.  Next, I'll illuminate the place and then likely widen/deepen the trench.

Seek refuge on Husker Ave;  we have a pool and landscaping!