Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Art - Sorry about your mom.  Good luck on the new jorb and best wishes for the family.

Dishonored was a really good game.  Great atmosphere and setting.  I also got the DLC in a Steam sale.  Haven't been able to bring myself to play it yet though.  I'm still holding a grudge, I can't play as the bad guy yet.

7 Days to Die - Jeez that game keeps brutalizing me.  So stressful.  Did you guys set up a base?  I usually spend the nights on top of a hill on top of a tall pillar (minecraft style) hoping zombies don't notice me.

Rudy - As coincidence would have it I just found THIS!.
His Eye of the Tiger is also awesome.  The recording is kinda borked though.  Don't play it too loud or you'll blow your speakers or eardrums (around 1 minute and 2 minutes.  So stop before that to get the idea).  I think the audio frequency is also inducing a slight migraine, but so worth it for me.