Saturday, March 08, 2014

| Items of Interest

As we move around some stuff in the office to make room for another desk, etc. I found two items that I would offer up:

 - A typewriter written review of Fellowship of the Ring.  In addition to a  summary I wrote, I also included some choice quotes, and a reference page with information about some of the different races in Middle Earth.  The review is less than a page long.  In the end, I left the reader with these strong words of warning: "...I must warn you, unless you really like fantasy and very deep involved novels, this may not be the book for you."

 - The Winter 1989 Video Archives catalog.  Please note, I did highlight the movies that I had apparently seen at the time.  Here are some that are highlighted - Overdrawn at the Memory Bank, Parents, Dial M for Murder, Midway, Johnny Got His Gun, Pumpkinhead, Hardware Wars, and Blue Thunder.  This is not a complete list, but a smattering that apparently was representative of my 14 year old viewing habits.