Sunday, March 02, 2014

Dishonored is awesome! I played through that, it really scratched the Thief itch. I played in stealth mode until the last couple levels, when I decided the brakes were coming off and shit was on. Love that it gives you that flexibility. I also started the DLC, which puts you in the shoes of the bad guy. Gotta go back and finish it, but what I played was really good too.

Unfortunately, it looks like the new Thief game is a misfire. I was really looking forward to that one, but maybe I'll just grab the graphic overhaul mods for the originals and play that again.

I've also been playing through Broken Age, which is cool because it's cartoony and non-violent enough that my daughter likes watching it, although I'm at a part that creeps her out. Hearthstone is a FREE online CCG by Blizzard that's a lot of fun too. Worth trying out for the price, anyway, and periodically I end up chatting with Motorbyke or Elzar since all those Blizzard games are chat-linked together.