Monday, July 15, 2013

| A brief solemn note, then continue with shennanigans

No need to respond to this, no need to comment, no need to derail any discussions about jorbs or Star Wars, but I needed to just write something.

This weekend we attended a multi-day memorial service for Leslie's grandma.  Almost all of her mother's side of the family was there, so like 25 people I think?  Anyway, it was a good weekend, lots of family events, laffs, food, etc.

Found out this morning that after the family all separated and went their different ways, one of the cousins (20 year old with a 3 year old daughter) after getting home from the trip, went to some hotel party with her friends, fell, hit her head, and died last night.  Senseless, tragic, and bizarre.

Just be good to your people today, and everyday.  That is all.

Now back to our regularly scheduled, text-based debauchery.