Friday, July 19, 2013

| 41-Vex, Colonist Droid, reporting for duty!

Got my character in the mail and I'm ready to rock some SWRPG!

Secret World is fun!  Definitely a fairly high learning curve for the skill/ability wheel stuff, and the HUD and quests are a lil hard to wrap my head around, but I think I actually have a decent little build going.  Well, I'll likely look back and laugh at it, but for now I'm running Pistols/Elemental.  The pistols proc elemental focus and then when the ele is full, I drop two elemental attacks followed by a pistol finishing move.  I can handle the little stuff in one rotation and the bigger stuff in a few more.... now if I could only figure out how to heal...

Fun Cthulhu starting zone!  Kingsmouth (combination of Kingsport and Innsmouth - amusing!)