Sunday, July 14, 2013

| GM screen? Dayamn, you're one up on me then! (edit: jorb)

Nice! As long as I got Aeryk to spend money, everybody's a winner. PLUS, I think that thing has an adventure in it.

Here's what I was going to propose: I have the beginner's box set which has four pregens and a beginner adventure. I assume enr0n, Aeryk, Rude and Pumpkin "want" to play, so I'm just going to pick a character for everyone and mail 'em out! I just need people to text me their latest addresses. If anyone else wants to jump in there are other characters available too! Then we can just get together and play in a couple weeks. (2 weeks from Monday, maybe?) Then, after everybody has the GREATEST time ever and wants to keep going, the pregens can all die in a horrible Sarlacc incident and we can make new characters!

It's the best plan ever in my mind!