Saturday, July 20, 2013

Is "kraken!" Russian for Cthulhu?  Cause that would be awsome!

I actually like Chronicles more than Pitch Black.  Mostly because they do try some world building.  It's cheesy, but good popcorn fun.  And I'm totally sold when the bad guys are called Necromongers.

Rude's right, look up the in-game store for free stuff.  Xp boost for an hour is great.  I think it's an 8 hour cool down?  Mine stopped working though.  I must have hit some level/xp cap.

Got a post today with some Star Wars goodness.   Tentacle girl!!!  Maybe the GM knows me too well?  I'm just glad there isn't a slave dancer class.  I would be giving credence to all those socially maladjusted roleplayer stereotypes.

My schedule is crap right right now.  Apparently it's a yearly thing now were my summers are going to suck.  For sure next week I won't get home at a respectable hour, including the weekend.  July is looking doomed I fear.  Doomed!