Sunday, July 14, 2013

| Pacific Rim (Jorb) - yes, I literally stole the exact joke

I've been really curious about that one. Sounds about like I expected. Usually GDT movies fall squarely in "B-" territory for me (with my favorite being Blade II). The wife's out of town on business and the grandparents are going to be helping my with child care, so maybe I can sneak out and catch it at the local bijou!

More Steam sale shenanigans. All of Fallout New Vegas for 4.99? Sure, I've been meaning to play that one. It'll be a good one once I finish up Dishonored (which is awesome btw). Another one to look out for on sale is Monaco. Really weird/interesting heist game that looks like it will be a lot of fun multiplayer.

I see nobody has jumped on board my Star Wars idea, so I am preparing to take drastic measures. You have been warned.