Friday, July 19, 2013

I got my star wars dude too! Friggen' nice character sheet, thanks! I'm a wookie! Everything my dude says will be: "aggrrttaaggrrttaaggrrttaaggrrtt!" :)

The next month and a half of Wed's we have parenting classes at the hospital, 7-9pm. :/

Secret World is rad! I'm super stoked on that game. The multiplayer part doesn't really effect me. I see some people tooting around but it's like a really fun single player game. My in-game name is Pliney. I got a magical blow job and now I too am in the Cthulhu zone. The quest stuff is a little wierd, as well as all the nutty skill stuff, but it's good fun.

We went to see The Conjuring. Pretty good horror flick. Don't think it's going to be the scariest thing like they advertise. It's creepy and has some good jumps, but I still get more freaked at found footage stuff, personally. It's pretty good though!

That Riddick movie looks cool. Did you see Chronicle's of Riddick? What sequel do you have on dvd?