Friday, July 19, 2013

| Surprise, I am still alive!

As much as I wold love to join you two jokers, I have the previous three work days off for an LA trip. I won't be able to swing taking the dayy off on the 29th & 30th. Booo eNron is the blurstest!

Note to self, Cthulhu manifested himself in our dimension recently, but the gate must have been too unstable and collapsed before he could break through in his full form. Whew, this was close. Make sure to watch past 0:33

I have learned to close my eyes and steer clear of Steam during sales. I still have dozens of games I haven't even cracked. Plus, it took me how long to shake Minecraft, Borderlands and other similarly addictive games? Probably best to keep my hands out of the new game crack pipe for a while.

eLzar, I am very sorry to hear about your wife's cousin. That is awful. It always bums me out the most when parents with young children do such things... Senseless.

fArt, that is really shitty about the house. I cannot imagine going through that type of stress. I hope everything goes well for the transition. Hang tight.

On the upside, the special lady friend and I are going backpacking this weekend up in Point Reyes. Looking forward to some hiking and getting away to some greenery. I am going to try some wide field astrophotography if the skies are clear (Point Reyes is often foggy) and I can get my ass up at 3am in the morning for the moon to set. A big couple of ifs.