Tuesday, July 16, 2013

| Star Wars RPGin'

Got me some core rulebook in the mail today, and it looks RAD!

The book itself is gorgeous, and I've only read the dice pool rules so far and I really see some fun, fun potential with how narrative is baked right into the dice rolling.  In short, you roll dice, count the successes which are countered by failures, but then the degrees of each are modified by threat or advantage dice as well which means you can have positive failures and negative successes.  Using a simple blaster battle example, I see it as the following:

Success with high advantage: You hit your target critically, and his corpse falls in the way of the blast doors closing, allowing for your escape.
Success with low advantage: You hit your target critically OR you hit your target and find some cover.
Success, no threat/advantage: You hit your target.
Success with low threat:  You hit your target, but have run out of ammo.
Success with high threat: You hit your target, but also damaged the blast door controls which have closed and separated your party.

And of course some thematic way to interpret Failure.  It really sounds fun and allows for everyone to get on-board with adding to the adventure and the story of the game through the mechanic of simple dicing.  I'm only 14 pages into the book and am SUPER excited!