Thursday, February 09, 2012

| Re: Dexter

We watched the first season DESPITE the ridiculously over-the-top detective that 'had his eye on Dexter'. He almost made it unwatchable, seriously. I couldn't stand the Australio-English chick in the second series, but we made it through to the end of that one, then stopped on disk 1 of season 3 (I think) - totally lost interest.

It was a fun ride, with a nice dash of anxiety, mystery, and twisted gore, but I think 2 seasons of the same premise were enough for us.

Party Down: We started this one last night and it is great! Thanks for the Pro-Tip, jr0n! The aspiring buffet chain owner (Souper Crackers?) was from a Canadien comedy troupe in like the early 90's? I think it might have actually been Kids in the Hall? I just remember his catch phrase from one of the skits "I'm gonna dip my BALLS in it!" (and he had two red balls in his hands. WTF). The Freaks and Geeks guy is just a terrible actor - he totally seems like a college-level theatre actor that got lucky as a kid on Freaks. Best scene from that entire series is when he was talking to himself on Halloween dressed up as the bionic woman.

EDIT: It was The State, on MTV. Here's a taste.

Aaaaaand here's the bionic woman.