Tuesday, February 07, 2012

I read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep in college, and was underwhelmed. You go into thinking, "this inspired fuckin' Blade Runner, hell yeah!" and then it's kinda meh.

I should try some other PK Dick. (Not to be confused with BK Dick which is something you buy at Burger King.) I've heard that although he's a frickin' idea machine (look at all the movies based on his writing), his actual output is very up and down, due to his tendency to speed write while on prodigious amounts of drugs. (NaNoWriMo strategy?) His wikipedia entry (not linked) makes for some good reading. He's always struck me as a writer who's more interesting to read about than to actually read. But some people are SUPER into him and given everything he's influenced there have to be some gems. Let me know if you find some good stuff!

Oh, here is the link to Laurie's story (complete with cover art by Denisington Elfmaster). The crazy thing is the competition she won is really a pretty big deal and well respected in the sci-fi community, but it's sponsored by the L. Ron Hubbard foundation! I don't think she and Denis had to join a sea org or anything but who knows? I guess just watch it with the Dianetics jokes at BachelorCon, could get awkward.